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Regardless of the results of the election, Trump supporters, traditional conservatives, progressives, and people across the ideological spectrum need to understand the drivers behind support for Donald Trump. Whether Mr. Trump wins or loses, we need to better understand the points of potential connections and commonality between Trumpism and other ideologies in the political landscape. It is also important to understand but not to overestimate the role that misgivings about demographic changes plays among Trump supporters. Understanding these connections makes it more possible to keep this election from having a long-run effect of increasing political divisions.

Achieving this understanding is difficult, because our culture has drifted toward segregated mass media, social media, and even friendship groups. For instance, a recent Pew research study found that 47 percent of Clinton supporters do not have any friends who are trump supporters. People often avoid talking to each other about politics these days, because the gulfs between groups can appear unbridgeable. Americans need to re-learn the skill of listening to folks they might disagree with. In addition, it is healthier for political discourse if people can express whatever perspective they have about how the nation is changing. 

Americans Listen is dedicated to the proposition that in order to build a fully inclusive political culture, it is vital that Americans relearn what it means to respectfully listen to views different than their own, while not avoiding discussing issues that are often considered to sensitive to honestly discuss.