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The unexpected candidacy of Donald Trump has confounded traditional conservatives, long-time progressives, and many others. In an increasingly fractured American political landscape, many recognize the importance of trying to understand the reasons he deeply resonates with significant portion of the American white public, and also enjoys some support within other groups.

Regardless of the results of the election, Trump supporters, traditional conservatives, progressives, and people across the ideological spectrum need to understand the drivers behind support for Donald Trump. Whether Mr. Trump wins or loses, we need to better understand the points of potential connections and commonality between support for hin and other more traditional ideologies in the political landscape. It is also important to understand but not to overestimate the role that misgivings about race and demographic changes plays among Trump supporters. Understanding these connections makes it more possible to keep this election from having a long-run effect of increasing political divisions. 

the Listening Project - election 2016

Listening to Trump’s America is a large-scale project based on people who don’t support Trump listening to Trump supporters. The listening sessions will primarily be 1-on-1 sessions lasting 15-20 minutes that will follow an interview guide that has both survey and interview elements. There may be some small group sessions as well if interest emerges. 

The project is intended to answer two questions: 1) What are the key pillars of “Trumpism” that Trump supporters will talk about if empathetically listened to, and how do these pillars connect with other more well-established perspectives within the American ideological context? 2) What are the key challenges that non-Trump supporters have when trying to empathetically listen to Trump supporters?

More information out the Curiosity Beats Fear Listening project is on "Listening Project" tab.

Civic Journalism Challenge 2016

This contest is designed to encourage aspiring and established journalists to produce works of civic journalism project that explore how issues of race and nativism are perceived by center to conservative white Americans, and to surface the challenges to conducting such an inquiry.  The intention of this contest is to receive submissions from young or experienced journalists in the form of a deliverable that might be published by a newspaper, magazine, TV or radio station, web publication, or academic journal. 

Submissions for the contest are intended to address one or both of these questions:

1.     What is the range of perspectives about race, ethnicity, diversity, and demographic change held by people who have very different political preferences than the yourself (yourselves)?

2.     How does the racial identity of a young journalist affects her/his ability to conduct an unbiased inquiry about the views about race of those who look at politics very differently from themselves?

More information about the contest requirements are on the "Civic Journalism Challenge" tab. 

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